My Consulting Service 



My consulting service aims to provide assistance with any breastfeeding concerns or difficulties you may have. 

Some of these concerns may include:

- Why am I experiencing pain during breastfeeding?

- Is my baby getting enough milk?

- Is my baby gaining enough weight?

- Why is my baby so unsettled?

- How often should I be breastfeeding?

- Do I have enough breastmilk?

- Should I be expressing?

- Which breastpump should I use?

- Is it ok to give my baby formula?




The visit will take up to 2 hours and will be timed around your baby's breastfeed. We will check baby's current weight for your child health record and discuss your individual breastfeeding concerns.

Making the breastfeed comfortable and enjoyable for you and your baby is my aim. I encourage a semi-reclined position for mum and allow baby to use his/her spontaneous reflexes to find and attach to the breast. You can view a short video on this technique at:

During the consultation we will address your specific issues and use evidence-based care to work towards your breastfeeding goals. We will have plenty of time to address outcomes such as:

- Feeding your baby in response to early hunger cues

- Achieving comfortable positioning and effective latch

- Following baby-led feeding - 8+ breastfeeds per day is normal

- Recognising signs of milk transfer

- Understanding milk removal and milk production

- Understanding infant growth and development

- Discussing educational materials

- Identifying breastfeeding resources within the community

- Scheduling follow up appointments as needed